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Freedom 4 Tenants

Why more and more Tenants are choosing Freedom Residential Lettings to find their rental property?

No fees passed onto the Tenant! If you select a property to rent from our website that is being advertised by a Landlord using our Unique Tenant Find Service, Freedom Residential Lettings will introduce you to the Landlord without charging you any admin fees. What does this mean to you? There is absolutely no cost!

If you select a property where a Landlord has requested that we carry out tenant referencing or the property is under Full management by Freedom residential Lettings the following referencing fees will apply:


Studio / Apartment £140 £250
House £200 £350

Finding your new home

Our team are specially trained and equipped to assist Tenants to find properties to rent that will meet their needs. We maintain a database of properties available to rent and of prospective Tenants and their requirements. As properties become available, our first action is to contact waiting Tenants on the database, whose requirements match the property. Typically, properties to rent become available about two months before occupancy date, so where possible it is advisable to start looking early.


Having identified a potentially suitable property, we will arrange a viewing. This will be at a time to suit you, and could be at evenings or weekends. All viewings will be accompanied by a member of our team or in the case where were advertising on behalf of a Landlord using our Unique Tenant Find Service – the viewings may be conducted personally by the Landlord or a representative of their choice, who will be able to provide immediate advice and answer any questions you may have.

Flexible tenancy solutions

Flexible tenancy solutions – to help assist you wherever we can!

You will be pleased to hear we offer flexible tenancy solutions, what does this mean for you? Well lets just say you have signed up for a 6 or12 month tenancy and have 3 months remaining – if your circumstances change for the better or worse we can arrange to relocate you into a more suitable property to suit your budget without you having to wait for your existing tenancy to expire.

Example 1

Lets assume that when you rented your property originally that your earnings allowed you to afford a home for £450 pcm, however you then received a promotion or your respective partner moved in with you – all of a sudden you can afford more but your stuck in your tenancy for the next 3 months or so. At this point you might like to upgrade your accommodation sooner rather than later. At Freedom Residential Lettings we offer transferable tenancy solutions where we can allow you to relocate to a different property of your choice before your tenancy ends.

Example 2

In reverse to the above and in light of the most recent economic climate you find yourself in the unfortunate position of wage reduction or even the loss of your job. All of a sudden your rent isn’t so affordable. You may even split up with your partner and lose the income you jointly once shared; this can make your stress levels and relationship very hard to cope with. At Freedom Residential Lettings we can help by transferring your tenancy to a more affordable property until at such time your circumstances change.

*NB. Please note this service is only available to tenants who rent a property from our Freedom TGIM portfolio, please ask our sales team for more info.